Pre-Trial Debt RecoveryWe work also in non-standard situations!

Justification for collection procedure:

Purchase agreement
Service agreement
Debts for utility services
Lease/rental agreement
Promissory note
Loan agreement
Unpaid invoice
Other types of liabilities

Preconditions for commencement of pre-trial debt recovery


debt is not older than 10 years


there is a proof of transaction signed by debtor


settlements are made officially, there is a proof of payments or the payment history is available

How to initiate the debt recovery in 3 steps?

1 – receive an offer and sign an agreement
2 – send us the debtor’s information (document copies not to be submitted)
3 – pay the case registration fee (if necessary)

How the debt recovery takes place?


A warning letter is sent to the debtor’s address


If necessary, additional contact information is searched


Collecting specialists contact the debtor and achieve an agreement on the debt repayment procedure


Collecting specialists perform payment execution control


Receiving the payment in full, the debtor’s case is closed

How are mutual settlements performed?
  • All recovered amount is transferred to the customer’s bank details;
  • Commission is calculated from the actually recovered debt;
  • If the number of transferred cases is <30, debtors must make payments to the “Melnā lapa” bank details.
  • “Melnā lapa” transfers all the recovered amount to the customer’s account once a month;
  • If the number of transferred cases is >30, debtors may make payments to both “Melnā lapa” bank details and customer’s bank details, a mutual payment reconciliation is performed and once a month all recovered amount is transferred to the customer’s bank details.
Advantages for the debtor’s payments made to the “Melnā lapa” bank details:
  • No need to perform additional payment reconciliation;
  • Less of administrative load and saving your time;
  • Faster information updates in “Melnā lapa” data base and consequently faster recovery process.

What affects the service price?

Debt term

Has other collecting company worked?

Is there an internal collection process?

Number of debt collection cases

Contact person’s name

Phone number or e-mail