Reminder Service “Reminders”Maintain good relations with your Client!

In which situations should you choose Reminders?

You are short of internal resources to remind clients about delayed payments
Internal resources are too overloaded with processing of delayed payments
Sending of reminders about delayed payment does not provide the desired effect
Client loyalty and maintenance of relations for you are more important than an unpaid invoice

How the “Reminders” helps to maintain good relations with a client?

Payment reminders are made on your behalf without the feeling that the case is transferred to the recovery company

Conversation, e-mail and SMS style is customized according to the corporative style of your company

In conversations, the operators are maximally positive, sensitive and loyal to the client

Conversation quality and content is drawn up and assessed together with the customer

How the communication with your clients is done?

Communication is done on the 6th-14th day of the payment delay

A reason for delay is determined and consequences are explained

An agreement is achieved about making the delayed payment

A solution is sought so that further it would be possible to make payments on time

Types for service charge calculation:

Charge is calculated according to the number of actually recovered payments;
Charge is calculated according to the number of calls made

What affects the service price?

How many clients are delaying a payment per month?

How many employees are currently performing the processing of delayed payments

How you would like to perform information exchange?

Contact person’s name

Phone number or e-mail